Terence and Talulah (A Christmas tragedy!)

‘Sorry Nicole, I have to meet you a bit later today, Terence is not feeling well.’

‘I am so sorry to hear this, Jo, what is the matter with him?’

Who is Terence??   I am trying to remember, but it’s been a while since I spoke to Jo and she knows so many people.

‘Yes, he has not been the same since Talulah died!’ Jo explains.
‘Oh no, I did not know this Jo, this is terrible, when did Talulah die?’

And who is Talulah? Omg, why can I never remember names, this is so embarrassing. I must have met them at her place once.  Jo continues. ‘A couple of weeks ago. Did I not tell you? Sorry, so much has been happening since and the week after I was so ill, I could hardly speak.’

‘But you are feeling better now?’

I am still trying to think who Terence is and trying to gain time.

‘Yes, much better. But poor Terence….and he found her. Can you imagine. Since then he is not eating, just sitting there, he really is off colour. Nothing seems to cheer him up.’

‘That is awful, but how did she die?’

‘She drowned! Remember the storm we had recently. She must have gone for a little walk around the lake, fell in and couldn’t get out, it was so terrible Nicole!’

‘What!!’ This is unbelievable.

‘That’s so sad, so tragic!’ Why didn’t she tell me this before?

‘And can you imagine, he found her the next morning.’

‘No…., I can’t! This is too much. No wonder he is not eating, I am not sure I would ever get over finding somebody …’

‘Yes, very sad.’ She interrupts me, obviously thinking I knew who she is speaking about and it’s too late now for me to ask ‘..and who is Talulah again?’, as we are too far into the conversation.

‘He perked up for a while when I introduced him to Tipsy and Trixie, I thought these two ladies will cheer him up, but I think he realises how much he misses Talulah and now he is feeling down again. I never thought they were that close, but he is definitely feeling depressed again. ‘

What, this is a bit strange? Why would she introduce him so soon to other ladies? Of course he is depressed, something is not right here!  I realise I better change the conversation before I make a complete fool of myself.

‘Look Jo, take your time, I fully understand, how about 7pm, we can meet in Lewes, which is half way for both of us?’

‘Perfect, see you then!’

Much later in Bill’s.

‘Did you have a chance to see Terence this afternoon, how is he?’

She looks at me in a strange way.

‘Yes, thank you, you won’t believe it. The vet said he is perfectly ok and the reason he is looking off colour again is because those two young turkey ladies have worn him out completely! Ha ha ha, that’s why he looked so tired. Can you imagine?!’

‘Ha ha ha, yes Jo, I can believe it. This is the best news I heard all day!’

Too much love had taken its toll on poor old Terence, the turkey and he eventually died a day later. Either Tipsy and Trixie were too demanding or he died of a broken heart.


There is definitely much more to a turkey than Christmas lunch!

(This is a short story from my collections of ‘A book of misunderstandings’).


4 thoughts on “Terence and Talulah (A Christmas tragedy!)

  1. This is so funny Nicole. It’s the kind of situation I sometimes find myself in!! At least we can laugh about it afterwards!
    Dawn xx


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