The Wonderful World of Ponchos

See my earlybird offer on my own take on a poncho.

Neither a jumper nor a coat, I have decided that the Poncho is the perfect garment to kick off the new autumn season. The Poncho originated from Mexico – a blanket type cover without sleeves, which has to be pulled over the top of the head. The most famous image of a Poncho must be the one Clint Eastwood is wearing in ‘Man with no name’.


But having found myself many times stuck, struggling to get through the small opening for the head of a Poncho and eventually emerging with a hairstyle that can only be described as ‘the helmet look’, I have decided to adapt the idea into a poncho-jacket design with a front opening; a much easier and more elegant way to wrap this garment around you.

2016 01 26 Black and Threads Poncho 35

Intrigued to find out about other designs of Ponchos, I was surprised to find an enormous amount of different styles and ideas; from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Here are just a few:

The Tent-Poncho; this Poncho converts into a tent. Crazy or cool, it’s from Japan.


The Kermit-Poncho; Lady Gaga is wearing a Poncho made of Kermit the frog puppets. This might not become the new fashion trend for the season. It’s definitely crazy!

image1 (1)

The mum and baby Poncho; not sure how practical this is, but very sweet !

image1 (2).jpeg

The largest Poncho in the world; ‘the people of Nobsa, Colombia with their hard dedication and crafty artisan skills, leaped into the Guinness book of records for creating the largest Poncho ever made.  It took over two months to weave this Poncho for the town’s famous International Poncho Day. Over 1,500 pounds of wool were used to create the magnificent Poncho, which was then displayed on top of the town’s Cathedral.’ Of course, where else’s ?!

image1 (3)


This Nicole Urbanski poncho in pink is easy, cosy and elegant, perfect for cooler Autumn wear.


Normally £225, I’m offering it in a range of colours for £199 including p&p (UK) for orders placed before the end of September.  Get in touch here to order one.


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