An Italian Affaire

(from my memoir "to Paris for lunch") Visiting Glyndebourne during the summer, I remembered how one warm spring evening in 1988 all the girls from the wardrobe department decided to have a drink after work. We had been working overtime for weeks – with the constant changes being made by designers and directors, the deadlines … Continue reading An Italian Affaire

The Button Tin

From my memoir 'to Paris for lunch' There was a button tin in my Oma Elsa's dining room. It was a dining room next to a small kitchen in a two bedroom apartment in the centre of Dusseldorf. The button tin was full of odd buttons. Originally it had been an old coffee tin with … Continue reading The Button Tin

Christmas Magic – ‘click here for next day delivery’

Hearing my daughter shout from her room, 'Mum, I just have to write something else on my list for Santa!', made me think about how excited I used to be about Christmas. I can still remember the best ever present I got from Santa or Christkind, as we say in Germany.  When I was little, … Continue reading Christmas Magic – ‘click here for next day delivery’