Sex toys and rubber dresses

(From my memoir 'to Paris for lunch') In 1996 I was invited back to Glyndebourne Festival Opera to work on a very special production. 'Lulu' was a drama of a young German woman who sexually and emotionally dominated a wide range of willing victims, both male and female. Although written in 1930, this production was … Continue reading Sex toys and rubber dresses

An Italian Affaire (pt 3)

(from my memoir 'to Paris for lunch') Being so in love, that you can't eat, sleep or think, was not easy. Not for myself and definitely not for my friends. I had no appetite and lost weight, I could hardly concentrate on work; I totally lost myself. I was not interested in anybody but Sebastian. … Continue reading An Italian Affaire (pt 3)

An Italian Affaire (pt2)

from my memoir "to Paris for lunch" In the spring of 1988 whilst I was making costumes for Glyndebourne, I was staying for the season in "the huts". Now, this long narrow building near the car park contains offices, but then they were little rooms; like small hotel rooms with a single bed, a table, … Continue reading An Italian Affaire (pt2)

An Italian Affaire

(from my memoir "to Paris for lunch") Visiting Glyndebourne during the summer, I remembered how one warm spring evening in 1988 all the girls from the wardrobe department decided to have a drink after work. We had been working overtime for weeks – with the constant changes being made by designers and directors, the deadlines … Continue reading An Italian Affaire

Fitting John Cleese

(From my memoir ' To Paris for lunch') Looking back at the time when I worked for Academy Costumes, I wished I’d known beforehand who these people were who kept coming in and out of Adrian's studio, but maybe I would have been so star struck, it might have changed my attitude towards them and … Continue reading Fitting John Cleese

Rules are rules!

(From my memoir 'to Paris for lunch') 'Excuse me, but you cannot smoke in here!' I heard myself saying to an older man, who was leaning against one of the cutting tables. We were in the new wardrobe department of Glyndebourne Festival Opera. It was the beginning of the lunch break and we were alone … Continue reading Rules are rules!

First Night Nerves

(From my memoir 'To Paris for lunch') Spring was in the air when I arrived at Lewes by train in May 1988. Everything smelled fresh and sweet. I was so excited. Glyndebourne's minibus was already parked outside in the station car park with its doors wide open, waiting for me to jump in with my … Continue reading First Night Nerves

My shortest job interview ever

(From my memoir "to Paris for lunch";) While I was waiting to start work on 'Aslan' for the BBC adaptation of 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe', some other projects were coming in and this is when I was introduced to Brian Collins. He was a freelance tailor and one day he asked me … Continue reading My shortest job interview ever