The Great Storm

(from my memoir ‘to Paris for lunch’) Arriving back home, we noticed how unusually quiet the night was. There was no wind; the air was completely still and it was warm for this time of year. My father and his girlfriend had come to visit us in London and I was so excited, as they … Continue reading The Great Storm

How to make a good cup of coffee (the German way)

I am amazed by the whole coffee phenomenon that is taking place in England. I recently counted twenty-two coffee shops, just on Church Road in Hove alone, between Palmeira Avenue and Sackville Road. Twenty-two in one mile, and that does not include restaurants. I remember there was a time when Bar Italia in London, opposite … Continue reading How to make a good cup of coffee (the German way)

I can sew!

(From my memoir ' To Paris for lunch') My German boyfriend's realisation that instead of becoming a doctor, his parent's dream and life ambition, he wanted to become a professional jazz saxophonist, changed everything in my life.  He decided that to fulfil his dream; he had to be in London, where things were really happening. … Continue reading I can sew!

Terence and Talulah (A Christmas tragedy!)

'Sorry Nicole, I have to meet you a bit later today, Terence is not feeling well.' 'I am so sorry to hear this, Jo, what is the matter with him?' Who is Terence??   I am trying to remember, but it's been a while since I spoke to Jo and she knows so many people. … Continue reading Terence and Talulah (A Christmas tragedy!)