The Great Storm

(from my memoir ‘to Paris for lunch’) Arriving back home, we noticed how unusually quiet the night was. There was no wind; the air was completely still and it was warm for this time of year. My father and his girlfriend had come to visit us in London and I was so excited, as they … Continue reading The Great Storm

The making of Aslan

(from my memoir 'to Paris for lunch') At the beginning of 1988, 'Aslan, the lion' for the BBC series 'The Chronicles of Narnia', was slowly progressing and it was fascinating to be part of the process. We were a team of four women, making an oversize lion’s frame, so that two dancers were able to … Continue reading The making of Aslan

How to make a good cup of coffee (the German way)

I am amazed by the whole coffee phenomenon that is taking place in England. I recently counted twenty-two coffee shops, just on Church Road in Hove alone, between Palmeira Avenue and Sackville Road. Twenty-two in one mile, and that does not include restaurants. I remember there was a time when Bar Italia in London, opposite … Continue reading How to make a good cup of coffee (the German way)

I can sew!

(From my memoir ' To Paris for lunch') My German boyfriend's realisation that instead of becoming a doctor, his parent's dream and life ambition, he wanted to become a professional jazz saxophonist, changed everything in my life.  He decided that to fulfil his dream; he had to be in London, where things were really happening. … Continue reading I can sew!

Terence and Talulah (A Christmas tragedy!)

'Sorry Nicole, I have to meet you a bit later today, Terence is not feeling well.' 'I am so sorry to hear this, Jo, what is the matter with him?' Who is Terence??   I am trying to remember, but it's been a while since I spoke to Jo and she knows so many people. … Continue reading Terence and Talulah (A Christmas tragedy!)