Forgetting Oma Ostpreussen

(From my memoir ‘to Paris for lunch’) I feel very honoured to have been asked to publish more tales about my family, so here is another one: My Father’s parents’ house was always such a busy place when we all came to visit, especially when it was Oma Erna's birthday. We would arrive with a … Continue reading Forgetting Oma Ostpreussen


It was arranged that my eight year old daughter would spend a couple of weeks during the summer holidays with her father in France, and despite knowing that I desperately needed this time on my own to get my new studio, in fact my new life organised, I already started missing her before we got … Continue reading AN INSPIRING DAY TRIP

New Beginnings

Closing the door for the last time on Saturday, I looked around the boutique and realised how unprepared I am for this move that is about to happen the next day. There is chaos as I have been inundated with last minute orders: 'Do you have time to make a wedding dress for my daughter, … Continue reading New Beginnings

Dreaming of feathers…

(From my memoir 'to Paris for lunch') I just could not sleep ...there were feathers, chiffons and satins and they kept coming up in my dream.  I turned around to the other side, annoyed with myself ...it's too early to wake up.  Again little pink feathers kept floating through my sleepy thoughts.  I forced myself … Continue reading Dreaming of feathers…

To boil potatoes without lighting the fire

(from my memoir 'to Paris for lunch') Oma Erna, my Father's Mother, was furious! 'Get out of my kitchen and put some clothes on!' Fritz, my Opa, had for the fifth time that morning interfered with the way she used the hot water: he told her she had put the cooker on too high for … Continue reading To boil potatoes without lighting the fire

Fitting John Cleese

(From my memoir ' To Paris for lunch') Looking back at the time when I worked for Academy Costumes, I wished I’d known beforehand who these people were who kept coming in and out of Adrian's studio, but maybe I would have been so star struck, it might have changed my attitude towards them and … Continue reading Fitting John Cleese

Rules are rules!

(From my memoir 'to Paris for lunch') 'Excuse me, but you cannot smoke in here!' I heard myself saying to an older man, who was leaning against one of the cutting tables. We were in the new wardrobe department of Glyndebourne Festival Opera. It was the beginning of the lunch break and we were alone … Continue reading Rules are rules!