From ridiculous to sublime

Snuggled up on the sofa in front of the TV on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon watching ‘ High Society’ with my daughter, I can’t help myself admiring Grace Kelly’s outfits. ‘Mum, every time we watch this movie you say: look how beautiful this coat is!’ She is right, I love the simplicity of it and am convinced that with a fabulous fabric, one does not need to over-design a garment.


However, I am also fascinated by more complicated constructions…and I have been told that a splash of red should be in every women’s wardrobe this season!

image1 (3)

Then of course some designers become very creative and turn household items into fashion ideas like in this image, the laundry bag coat by Celine.

image1 (2)

Not very flattering and also not sure if this design is exclusively for men, but I have to admit that there are days when I would love to wear this ‘hug me coat’ by Si leong Chan !

image1 (1)

Having arrived in London thirty years ago with my sewing machine in my rucksack I feel strangely connected to this image of Kate Winslet in ‘The dressmaker’. Obviously much more stylish, in her coat and her singer sewing machine.

image1 (4)

Here is my version of the Carmen coat, in pure new wool ;



If you would like to buy my Carmen coat it is available by mail order in several sizes and many different colours.  Please get in touch by email.


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